Are you thinking of syncing emails to Salesforce objects? You can simply automate “email to Salesforce” process by using CureCRM Email Sync app. CureCRM is an automated app with which you can quickly and automatically record, sync and log emails from any Gmail, Exchange server, or IMAP to Salesforce activity history.

Getting started

In a hurry to sync emails? Before that we need to do some configurations.
Get CureCRM from here.
Install the app in your org. Customize ‘Email sync’ tab to your current list of tabs.
Get a CureCRM account from here.
Do configuration as per the instructions given in the documentation.

Exploring Vital Features

Email Sync

  • Syncing emails to Salesforce

Recently I was researching on apps to sync emails to Salesforce objects. When I started using CureCRM as my mediator, the result was phenomenal. It automatically syncs all emails to corresponding Contacts or Leads. CureCRM provides flexibility to customize email sync by applying certain rules on its dashboard. Thus we can filter emails synced with particular contacts in Salesforce. Navigate to ‘Automation’ link for creating new rules. There is also a feature for Archiving/syncing historical emails to Salesforce beyond 7 days. Interesting….Huh? Wait there is much more than this!

Email Sync

Activity History

  • Managing Users

It also helped me to sync email from other email addresses by adding new user “Company & users” and by configuring IMAP. By enabling “Transparent Sync” you can invite and sync your entire team’s emails if needed.

  • Create Salesforce Leads, Contacts or Cases

Another feature of CureCRM, which amazed me, is its ability to extract the data from emails and easily create leads, contacts, cases. From Conversations area you can also create leads, contacts, cases manually. You can setup an auto-create (lead, contact) rule to capture the email, and automatically populate leads in salesforce by mapping the fields in email templates from your inbox. It is also possible to import data from .csv file or use HTML on your website to automatically create Contacts, Leads, and Cases in Salesforce.

Create Contacts

  • Follow-up Robot emails

This is an awesome feature provided by CureCRM. Only thing you need to do is to install ‘’Email Sync” app for Salesforce along with “Follow-up Robot” app by CureCRM. Then setup an automation rule to automatically launch follow-up emails. CureCRM simply streamlines your work culture and ensures a systematic procedure for your clients.

  • Billing & Account

If you need to close your account, this app can discontinue your account. By navigating to “Company & users” you can see options close your account.
Visit the “Billing” page to handle your account. You can enter your card details; app will inform you the amount to be paid at the beginning of each billing cycle/month. Thus, you can handle billing procedure smoothly.

  •  Security measures

And be relaxed, you are in a secure place. The App automatically blocks emails having the subject ’confidential’, from syncing to salesforce objects if there is a sensitive content being sent/received. It will not allow others to see it. Additionally, sensitive emails are deleted from servers via “Email data retention” policy. CureCRM uses IMAP credentials to connect to email platforms like Google, Exchange, etc. and to sync emails. And more.

  • Email platforms

Wohoo..!! This app can sync emails via following platforms.

- Google Apps / Gmail

- Exchange

- Mac OS

- Yahoo mail / Hotmail

  • Rating from AppExchange 
AppExchange Rating

By analyzing the review from AppExchange, we can see the popularity of this app. From my side I will definitely give “4 out of 5”.

  • Pricing

- CureCRM Email sync is a free application.

- You can upgrade to Email Sync Pro at only $5/user/month

- $14.95/month for 1 user,  $59.95/month for 10 users for the basic version

Additional key features

There are some additional features that you may like too.

  • Syncing emails to activity history of Opportunities is now optional via automation page.
  • Enable follow-up Robot on your account to launch follow-up email
  • View data from social media as you navigate through Salesforce Contacts, Leads, Cases, opportunities.
  • You can schedule an assistant who will remind you to follow-up with customers and manages your calendar.

Why wait? Get it now.

CureCRM Email sync is a game changer as it solves Salesforce’s biggest short coming!!! Interested..?? Do visit
CureCRM is planning to launch another version with several interesting features like syncing calendar entries to events and more.

Another app related to Cure CRM is Match My Email which starts at 14.95 USD per user per month. So compared to Cure CRM, Match My email is costlier, but with more features. If you are planning to have a basic integration app which serves your purpose, Cure CRM is the best bet.



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