The cloud treat you can’t resist

SaaSpie was formed by cloud enthusiasts at Suyati Technologies. They include cloud evangelists, Cloud Certified Professionals, and winners of world coding challenges in cloud computing. Being at the cutting edge of cloud technologies, they naturally found themselves lost without information at times. Because the cloud is still a nascent technology, the boundaries of what can be done are being redefined every day. And the limits of what can’t be done are being rewritten every hour.

With this in mind, SaaSpie was created. To give everyone out there, her piece of the cloud – be it information, coding clues, technical tips, partnership info and more. SaaSpie will span across the Salesforce, Microsoft and Amazon clouds, covering mobile, social and big data.

SaaSpie is the perfect place to fly to for any and everything on the cloud.


The cloud community you can’t do without

For us, a community is not only about sharing and doing things together. It is mostly about giving.

SaaSpie is built around a group of people who love the cloud, and yearn to give. They include students, professionals, customers and vendors. Here, everyone seeks to share whatever they have learnt. You can gain from study material, technology content, business content, wise decision making guidelines as well as problem solving ideas. And our fervent hope is that as you learn, gain and develop, you’ll give back to this vibrant group of people and make it the perfect place to:

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